The VDI Memorandum of Incorporation has five Strategic Objectives. Each of these objectives has supporting operational strategies.

The primary object of the company is to:

  • Resilience

    Strengthen community resilience to stresses and vulnerabilities associated with lack of education, skills and health implications

  • Livelihoods

    Improve livelihoods through diversification of income and promotion of appropriate agricultural and natural resource management practices

  • Water

    Increase water availability and reliability for productive use, improved health status and livelihoods

  • Education

    Increase access to quality informal education for marginalised youth

  • Help

    Enhance knowledge generation, management and dissemination resulting in wide adoption/replication of Vanwyksdorp poverty alleviation approaches by other organisations


For each of these objectives there are a few goals, for which some priority activities have been identified.

VDI will enhance knowledge generation, management and dissemination, to achieve wide adoption/replication of Vanwyksdorp poverty alleviation approaches by other organisations:

  • by developing a catalogue/library of knowledge and resources from the activities and learning experiences of VDI and its partners, and
  • publishing and disseminating (including website and social media) this experience.


The VDI objectives will be achieved through a range of projects:

  • Training Centre
  • Early Childhood Development Centre
  • Communal Food Gardens
  • Sports Fields
  • Biodiversity Exhibition Centre
  • Skills Development Workshops