Sports Fields


The northern portion of the campus, between the koppie to the west, the residential area of Greenhills to the east and the training centre to the south.


The objective is to provide a world-class 8-track athletics ground and field facilities, a gym and a recreational clubhouse for athletes and sportsmen/women.

Project Outline:

The idea is to develop the sports facilities separate from, but adjacent to, the training campus.

  • The facilities that are planned include:
    • tartan athletics track
    • field events in the centre on grass (eg athletics, hockey, cricket, soccer, rugby, etc)
    • hard court facility (netball, basketball)
    • gymnasium
    • first aid post
    • grandstand and change-rooms
    • clubhouse
  • The sports facilities are designed to allow VDI to:
    • train sports coaches, referees and score-keepers in athletics and other sports codes (especially from schools and clubs). Part of this training will be undertaken in the Training Centre, and to
    • attract pro athletes and sportsmen/women seeking private training facilities
  • It is an objective to encourage an incubation hub entrepreneurial project for managing sports training as a business
  • Community sports derby days will be arranged to improve health and community cohesion


By establishing sports grounds and providing facilities VDI will:

  • improve youth participation in sport in the community and enhance community cohesion
  • occupy children and the youth and thereby distract them from devious behaviour
  • offer the venue to athletes and use it for training referees, coaches and others, and for events, to make it pay for itself
  • facilitate establishment of sports teams comprising aspiring athletes and provide training and competition facilities for them
  • offer a training ground for prestige athletes on the basis that they give back and motivate/train aspiring local athletes


  • Laying out the sports fields

  • The grass arrives

  • Laying grass

  • Laying grass

  • A team effort!

  • Glory!