Skills Development Workshops


Between the Biodiversity Exhibition Centre and Vanwyksdorp town, north of the Communal Food Gardens.


The objective is to provide several well-equipped workshops where specific trade skills for selected trainees can be developed for potential employment in eco-tourism and conservation, and where fledgling entrepreneurial businesses can be grown under the protection of an incubator hub.

Project Outline:

The idea is to develop:

  • at least six workshops
    • plumbing, grey water projects and irrigation
    • metalwork, welding and fencing
    • needlework, knitting and crocheting
    • food processing and catering
    • timber management, furniture making & carpentry
    • electrical and mechanical work
  • each will have appropriate equipment and site services
  • VDI will facilitate:
    • sourcing of materials from suppliers
    • establishment of markets for products
    • business and administration back-office
  • participants will not be paid a wage but will receive payment for goods and services sold to the public. To this end there is provision for a display area at the main building entrance.


Improve the income of households by involving family members and providing them with practical and entrepreneurship skills.