Communal Food Gardens


The southern part of the campus comprises about 3 ha of gently sloping land that has previously been planted with lucerne.


The objective is to provide patches of land, with irrigation water, where community members whose homes are without land and/or water can cultivate food.

Project Outline:

The idea is to develop family allocated communal vegetable gardens, in grounds that are visually attractive for the tourism factor:

  • families will be able to feed themselves
  • gardening implements will be safely stored
  • excess food will be traded or sold to the other food related projects of VDI
  • one of the skills workshops is aimed at training in food preparation for domestic staff and cooks (eco-tourism is a substantial economic activity in the area), and to provide training in food preservation for domestic and retail purposes
  • it is an objective to encourage an incubation hub entrepreneurial project for a food processing business


By providing food and work, families will be better able to fend for themselves.