Biodiversity Exhibition Centre


Part of the central campus will be the Biodiversity Exhibition Centre.


The objective is to provide a light and airy building and an outside amphitheatre where the magnificent biodiversity of the area will be exhibited for the public.

Project Outline:

VDI is developing, as the first infrastructure:

  • 300m² of floorspace (including a small office and store) with display cases and wall-space for exhibition of VDI student projects and other environmental exhibits, leading out to
  • a large outdoor amphitheatre (for lectures, shows and relaxation) comprising formal terracing and plant decor
  • It is an objective to encourage an incubation eco-tourism entrepreneurial project.


  • eco-tourism to the town and district will increase
  • there will be generally greater awareness of the unique biospheres surrounding town
  • the public will discover ways of protecting and preserving the environment
  • the amphitheatre will improve youth participation in social and cultural activities in the community and enhance community cohesion
  • occupy children and the youth and thereby distract them from devious behaviour


  • Breaking ground!

  • Earthworks begin

  • Digging foundations

  • Foundations dug

  • Pouring foundations

  • Foundations curing

  • Insulation in the slab

  • The start of the walls

  • Walls going up

  • Insulation in the walls

  • Walls built to pitch

  • Roofing going on

  • Tiling inside

  • Solar panels up

  • Treating the rafters

  • The completed Exhibition Centre

  • The completed Exhibition Centre

  • The completed Exhibition Centre and newly planted grass