The land capital has already been donated and has been registered in the name of the company, and is therefore an asset of the VDI.

The Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve (GCBR) has sought to partner with VDI as a training centre for GCBR environmental initiatives. GCBR has established a relationship with an overseas donor that may invest in part of the VDI infrastructure. The donor of the land has offered to temporarily carry the architect’s costs for phase one so that the VDI can get off the ground. It is hoped that submission for a grant from an overseas donor may include a budget for a masterplan as well as for the actual building costs for phase 1. Failing that the initial submission for funding will be based on a concept towards VDI’s infrastructure together with a sketch / sketches and a model of what the phase one structure(s) could look like in support of this component of GCBR’s total grant application. Ecological sensitivity to physical infrastructure will be an important point of reference for GCBR and its potential funder.

Other capital will be raised through further submissions to potentially interested philanthropists. Donations and voluntary contributions will primarily be sought for capital, as will ‘crowd-funding’.



The plan is to fund the ongoing operational costs through a variety of recovery methods from operations and services. This includes:

  • Charging fees for students where possible
  • ‘Selling’ the services of students and trainees
  • Selling products made by trainees
  • Obtaining sponsorships from suppliers whose products are promoted (paint, welding rods, machinery, pipes, etc)

Each project may need to be financed in a different way and there may be a need for some cross-subsidisation.

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  • Oasis Community Centre

    Oasis Community Centre

    This centre has a substantial (old) building which houses the municipal library, a creche and after-care centre, vegetable garden and several small projects for unemployed and elderly. It received government funding from PAWC Health and Community Development.

  • Saamwerk Project

    Saamwerk Project

    This is an association not for gain, busy registering as an NPO. They run a cement brick-making project and apricot drying project. They are busy with upgrading to a more comprehensive food processing operation. The project employs people from the local community.

  • Churches


    One church has a vegetable garden and water allocation which it allows the ‘Spekboom Project’ personnel to use. They share their water allocation with Oasis. Recently the Dept of Agriculture (Landmark) has installed storage tanks and irrigation.

  • Government


    Health and Community Development already contribute to projects in town. Cape Nature is active in the reserve adjacent to town (and where the town’s water source is located). Dept of Agriculture (Landmark) has been active recently.

  • Vanwyksdorp Wood & Furniture

    Vanwyksdorp Wood & Furniture

    This is a new private venture to harvest alien trees (blue-gums) from water-courses in the mountains, to saw them into timber, air-dry it and use it for making furniture. The aim is to train residents in timber and wood-work skills. It operates from a shop adjacent to the development site, and incorporates an art and craft gallery.  

  • International private fund

    International private fund

    A private fund in Europe has, through GCBR, shown interest in the environmental aspects of VDI.



  • September 12, 2018

    About the VDI

    Watch this short video to learn more about the VDI and our goals.

  • GCBR training has commenced
    August 8, 2018

    GCBR training has commenced

    The first training on Combating Soil Erosion was held from 25 June to 29 June...

  • Appointment of VDI Manager
    August 8, 2018

    Appointment of VDI Manager

    The VDI Board appointed Gerhardt Oosthuizen as Manager from end of June 2018. He is...