Our Core

Mission & Vision

The VDI vision is a community, especially the children and the youth, that is healthy and employable with better opportunities for their lives.

The VDI mission is:

  • to serve as a catalyst and agent for change
  • to provide inspiration and motivation
  • to nurture harmony and respect, and
  • to harness the resources required

for the improvement of the lives of the local and extended community.


The VDI ascribes to the values of honesty, trust and loyalty and we will strive to develop a culture of respect, discipline, friendliness and good manners amongst the communities with whom we work.

Business principles

VDI will not tolerate theft, fraud, corruption or nepotism. We will plan carefully and use our resources as effectively as is possible, remaining ever thrifty, focussed on our purpose and providing value for money.

VDI aims to be collaborative, open-minded and always prepared to learn from others.


The VDI Memorandum of Incorporation has five Strategic Objectives. Each of these objectives has supporting operational strategies.

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